Con Edison has stopped all meter reading and smart meter installation to further protect customers and employees during the coronavirus epidemic. While many of our work activities have been put on hold, we are focusing on system infrastructure work that ensures safety and reliability. All Con Ed workers carry proper identification; upon approaching a hoe, they will ask if anyone in the house is sick, and discuss how they will carry out their tasks safely.

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The employees have been instructed to follow the guidelines set by state and city government, and the Centers for Disease Control. Con Edison employees who need to enter a home for one of these reasons will carry proper identification. Our workers are following U. During the coronavirus crisis, Con Edison has ceased service shutoffs over non-payment; waived new late-payment charges and suspended fees for customers who fail to grant access to their properties. The utility company has also temporarily closed its walk-in centers across the city and Westchester County.

Anyone who has an appointment for Con Edison service but is in quarantine, or has someone else in quarantine, should notify the company in advance by calling CONED.

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coned gas meter

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Coronavirus New York. Robert Pozarycki. Sign up for our COVID newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York City Con Edison has stopped all meter reading and smart meter installation to further protect customers and employees during the coronavirus epidemic. Customers can pay their bill online at coned. You may also like. Coronavirus News Politics Queens. Feeding justice: Queens rally includes free meals for community in effort to battle hunger.

October 11, Entertainment Movies New York. Check out our AMNY app. All rights reserved.Daily GPI. Con Edison Co. ConEd is installingsmart-technology natural gas detectors for customers in New York City and Westchester County.

The utility, which serves 1. Those leak detectors sounded alarms since the first installations in October The alarm sounds until ConEd silences the unit, while a voice recorder advises occupants to evacuate and call from outside the building. ConEd said it is the first utility in the United States to deploy the technology, beginning the pilot program in Lower Manhattan and several Westchester County communities. BGE cut off gas service to a swath of Baltimore to investigate a line that explodedkilling two people and injuring several others.

Earlier this year, a section of Texas Eastern Transmission exploded in Kentucky, upstream of another blast that occurred in Inan explosion on Columbia Gas of Massachusetts killed one man and injured dozens in the Merrimack Valley, near the New Hampshire border.

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Installation of the alarm does not require gas service to be turned off, and customers do not have to perform any maintenance on the detectors once they are installed. Related topics: Leaks smart meter. You have 3 free articles remaining. View Subscription Options Sign In. Christopher Lenton.Con Edison is installingsmart-technology natural gas detectors for customers in New York City and Westchester County, providing an unprecedented level of protection against potentially dangerous leaks.

The distribution of the detectors follows a successful pilot in which Con Edison provided 9, detectors. Those detectors sounded alarms since the first installations in October The company places the detectors at the spot inside the building where the gas service line enters.

When the detector senses natural gas, it sounds an alarm and voice warning. The alarm will sound until Con Edison silences the unit. Using a phone, turning lights, appliances or a flashlight on or off, lighting a match or starting a car can create a spark and cause the gas to ignite.

One night this summer, he got out of bed to watch TV and catch up on sports scores and the political shows he enjoys when he heard the alarm. He woke his wife and called Con Edison from a phone not located near the basement.

A Con Edison representative who answered advised him to leave the house. By the time of his call, Con Edison and New Rochelle fire personnel were already on their way. As the Stanleys waited outside, the crews arrived. Con Edison was the first utility in the United States to deploy the technology, a product of New Cosmos, when it began the pilot in Lower Manhattan and several Westchester County communities.

The service line usually enters the building in the basement near the gas meter. Each installation takes less than an hour and there is no charge to the customer.

Con Edison halts on-site meter reading amid coronavirus crisis

Installation does not require gas service to be turned off and customers do not have to perform any maintenance on the detectors once they are installed. The devices will not detect gas in other areas of a building. Con Edison recommends that building owners and tenants place gas detectors in areas where natural gas appliances are used.

The current version of the detector lasts six years. Due to technology improvements, those installed starting in the middle of next year will last seven years and those installed starting in will have a year lifespan.

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coned gas meter

Final push to get LaGuardia AirTrain off the ground. Metroloft unveils new look for Water Street. Related posts.Last Updated: July 2, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 14 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 29, times.

Learn more Your gas meter is mounted outside your home near your gas pipes.

ConEd makes safety breakthrough with smart gas detectors

It reads how much natural gas your household uses. Your meter may be an analog dial meter or an electric meter, both of which are easy to read once you know how they work. To read an analog gas meter, start by looking at the dial on the far left and recording the number that the needle is pointing to.

If the needle is between two numbers, choose the smaller number, even if the needle is closer to the larger number.

Con Ed’s new meters tell how much gas, electric you use

Then, record the numbers on the rest of the dials the same way, working from left to right. Finally, write the numerals down without spaces between them to get your final meter reading. To learn how to calculate your monthly gas usage based on your meter readings, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

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coned gas meter

Related Articles.You can read your own meters to help monitor your electric or gas energy use. During the heating season, your energy use should be compared to the number of heating degree days for the same time period; during the cooling season, compare your energy use to the number of cooling degree days.

Your heating and cooling use should be proportional to the number of heating and cooling degree days for the time period in question. You may also wish to contact your local utility companies for more information about reading your meter. If monthly information is good enough, your utility bills could have all the information you need. Just be sure the bills are based on actual, not estimated, meter readings, and be aware of when the meter was read, because the time period between readings can vary.

coned gas meter

Contact your local utility if you are uncertain about this. The basic unit of measure of electric power is the watt. One thousand watts are called a kilowatt. If you use one thousand watts of power in one hour you have used a kilowatt-hour kWh. Your electric utility bills you by the kWh. The standard electric power meter is a clock-like device driven by the electricity moving through it. As the home draws current from the power lines, a set of small gears inside the meter move.

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The number of revolutions is recorded by the dials that you can see on the face of the meter. The speed of the revolutions depends on the amount of current drawn -- the more power consumed at any one instant, the faster the gears will rotate. When the pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to the right.

If it has passed zero, use the next higher number. If it has not passed zero, use the lower number. Record the numbers shown by writing down the value of the dial to your extreme right first and the rest as you come to them.

Should the hand of a dial fall between two numbers, use the smaller of the two numbers. Natural gas is commonly measured by the cubic foot, and you are billed by the thousands of cubic feet MCF or hundreds of cubic feet CCF. You may also be billed by the therm, which is about the same as a CCF or cubic feet. To measure the amount of electricity or gas that you use, the utility installs a meter between the incoming electric power or gas lines and the point of distribution at the house.This page describes the tariffs and the bill structure for residential customers with Con Edison.

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With electricity prices rising each yearhere are a few ideas for taking the pressure off your energy budget. The most effective change you can make is to reduce your overall energy consumption. A lot of the items on your Con Edison bill are charged on a per kWh basis, so improving your energy efficiency at home can go a long way towards lowering your bills. Energy Saving Ideas Check out some of our useful tips about how to save money on your energy billsincluding how to save money in the summerhow to use your appliances wiselyand all about a little thing called vampire energy.

Another option you can take is to take a look at the rate you're paying with Con Edison, and see if it can be beat by an alternate energy supply company ESCO.

Con Edison Installing Five Million Smart Meters

With electricity markets in New York open to competition, many alternative suppliers can offer competitive rates for electricity and natural gas. Shop around - you may find a better deal with an ESCO! To learn more about energy supply options in your area, check out our pages on energy in New Yorkor call us directly at to find the best rates in your area. Did You Know? The Electricity Supply charge together with the Merchant Function Charge can be compared with alternate supplier offers to get the best deal for electricity and gas.

Call us at 1 to find the best rates available in your area. Your delivery charges pay for the cost of the utility company to deliver the electricity from the point of production to your place of residence.

This includes:. The delivery charges for gas are structured slightly differently from how they are presented for electricity. We use cookies on this site to ensure an optimal user experience. By browsing this site you are consenting to their usage. Learn more. Home Ny Utility Conedison. Learn more Accept.By Bill Sanderson. Between andCon Ed plans to install 3. Westchester County and Staten Island will start getting meters in mid Con Ed says the smart meter plan is the biggest capital project in its year history.

Rates might jump during summer hours when hot weather makes people turn on their air conditioners, or drop overnight when power use is lowest. The meters will also give customers real-time data about their gas and electric use through an app. Con Edison lags in smart meter technology, which is already in about half of American homes.

Is this leading us down the road to a new rate design? Read Next. There's no more jobs in the new 'gig' economy. This story has been shared times. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Not Now Yes Please. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed.

Name required. Email required. Comment required. Enlarge Image. More On: con edison. Consumer advocates are casting a wary eye on the smart meter plan. Read Next There's no more jobs in the new 'gig' economy. Share Selection. Steve Cuozzo. Jennifer Gould. Keith J. Change up your face masks with these 20 options that are currently on sale. This portable protection pod may give you some peace of mind while traveling. Save up to 70 percent off furniture, bedding and more during Wayfair Clearance Sale.

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