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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". AU set during New Moon. Slash Fic. Carlisle discovers something that will change everything for his coven. Some OOC but not prolific.

twilight fanfiction bella is kidnapped by the cullens

Is undergoing revisions for your reading pleasure while being published. Just like I did the first time I ever saw her, in the cafeteria on her first day, watching her in her awkward stance with the half a smile playing around her lips as she uncomfortably listened to the back and forth of chatter around her from people she had met hours before.

twilight fanfiction bella is kidnapped by the cullens

I had always been grateful to him, but it had never felt like a gift until the moment I saw Bella. What if their first encounter was as adults?

How might their love story have played out differently? Only one way to find out Edward x Bella. After witnessing a life-altering tragedy, fourteen year-old Isabella Swan made the sudden decision to flee her small, gloomy hometown of Forks, Washington and settle somewhere far away from the memories that kept her up at night. Three years later, after her impulse-driven mother decides to elope with a minor-league baseball player, a reluctant Bella is forced to pack her bags once again and return to the home she left behind.

Once she arrives, she is immediately forced to make attempts at reconciling with her past, all while dealing with the reality of high school drama, mysterious new acquaintances, and a string of murders that keep getting closer and closer to home.

This is a canon-divergent rewrite of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer! Please pay attention to the tags, as they will be updated regularly as the story progresses. Bella and Edward don't speak to each other after the van incident, yet their paths still converge.

When Bella is attacked by James' coven in her own home, she is rescued by the Cullen family in the nick of time.

Now, Bella must come to terms with her new life as a vampire and her growing attraction to Edward. Isabella Biers had it all. A loving husband, two adorable children and the dream job. One night, however, changed everything.

Bella had a spinal stroke, paralyzing her from the waist down. Bella's husband tried to be there for her, but caring for a wife who was an invalid proved to be too much for him. He divorced his wife, unable to cope with her long recovery. Despite being abandoned by her husband, Bella was determined to not let her disability define her.

She wanted to walk again. Enter her physical therapist, Edward Cullen. With the perfect combination of humor, patience, stubbornness and love, can he help her in her endeavor in walking again?Started by Raisefury12 FanFiction Alley. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

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The following users thanked this post: LoopyBugnme5Ellachantedavagrachelke86TyatodEacallthewayS. You are not allowed to view links.Disclaimer: The only characters that are mine are Leo, Ethan, and Sophie. And Casey, but she's unimportant. Also, do not kidnap children. It will not get you an Edward. It will get you arrested. I'm just looking out for ya! It's what made me want to write a Daddyward. You can find it in my favorites. I looked at the overflowing shopping cart in front of me.

I had just gone in the grocery store for some milk, dang it. I knew who was responsible for this. A little shrimp with light brown hair came tearing around the corner with as many cereal boxes as his arms could carry. That was my seven year old heartthrob. He somehow found room in the cart for the boxes and grinned up at me. We can go now. It was my most intimidating Mom stance.

He held out his hand, wiggling his fingers. I huffed and pulled a dollar out of my pocket and forked it over. We had a no cursing rule that was making my kid a fortune. The shrill sound of a crying kid filled the air. We had just made it to the end of the aisle when someone crashed their cart into mine.

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I put on a shocked face. Thank you! She began ranting in a pitch so high I doubt dogs could even hear it. I rolled my eyes and started to walk away, but my little one seemed to have other plans. He walked over to the woman's cart and offered the crying kid a lollipop. He always had one or two on hand. This time he followed me. We made quick work of unloading the cart, and with a swipe of my credit card, we were out of there.

I lifted the cover on the back of my big monster of a truck and Leo helped me put all the unnecessary snacks in the back. Then I watched him closely as he pushed the cart to its rightful place. The witch rounded on the little guy with fire in her eyes. She dug her claws into his little arm. I want you and that little brat to shut up and get in the car," she practically screamed at the boy.

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When she raised her hand to hit him, I was over there before she could even blink.Story Author Community Forum. She is a Goddess named Tyrabella.

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Daughter of Poseidon and Athena. She was punished by Zeus and exiled to the mortal world for 30 years. Without any contact. Now after the Giant War and her defence of Atlantis she is called back to Olympus. But Edward sees her leaving. Leading to the Cullen's and Pack knowing about the Gods Bella makes an excuse to hunt then never meets them at the Camp. Edward and Renesmee are worried about her and try to search for her but with no luck.

twilight fanfiction bella is kidnapped by the cullens

But when the Gods tell them about the Roman Camp. And they have to go and join them as the Romans were being attacked too. Things get interesting But when her exile us up her family didn't come for her. Then Edward and his family left. Then Jacob left her. Betrayed three times she falls into a depression which makes Gaea capture her. Now Gaea is fighting the Gods and demigods and brings out her secret weapon a Goddess who is being controlled.

Not the most comforting thing to hear after being tortured by vampires because your twin failed to mention she was dating a vampire. And not like, the fun, wacky kind of weird, more like the "mercilessly bullied for most of her childhood" kind of weird.

When she finally convinces her sister Bella to move to Forks, her entire life changes, all caused by a boy with golden eyes. Feel my Love by tapewormtheo Imani is new in town, a model looking for a new life. Leaving everything behind, besides his friends constantly calling him, he starts new. Meeting friends and finding a job were the things he knew he'd have to deal with.

Seeing someone tackle and drain the life out of a deer? That's a new one. Michelon The world is full of stupid phrases that people say, to help get themselves through the day.I didn't know where I was. All I knew is that I was in pain. Immense pain. I was barely conscious, yet I wasn't alone. There were voices all around me.

Mummers really. There was something about them that was threatening. The pain became worse. Seeping from my head to my entire body, I could smell blood. It made me feel sick. I couldn't breathe out of the nausea.

twilight fanfiction bella is kidnapped by the cullens

Oblivion was falling over me and I welcomed it. I let myself drift away. Humans were inconceivable. I was pacing up and down my room.

I needed warm blood. I needed soft flesh that I could ooze my teeth into and relieve my thirst. However, it never came. Stupid, stupid, stupid humans.

Couldn't they deliver a decent meal on time? If they weren't careful, I would be imposed to feast on them and break my promise to those wretched werewolves. Suddenly I smelt it. It was the most potent blood I had ever smelt. I could feel it wafting towards me. I inhaled deeply, it took the patience and self-control of the entire human population, no, the strongest gravitational pull to stop myself bounding out the door and feasting upon the weak human's neck. Luckily, I have gained enough perspective in my year life to understand Patience is a virtue.

Oh God. Never have I endured such extreme mental torture such as this. The smell was unexplainable. You will have it in a few moments. The weak human. All yours. The Angel, rarely heard from, in my head said. All mine? I could imagine the warm trickle of compelling blood trickling down my throat. The Devil in my head said, Go get it. It's yours for the taking. Why wait?

All my carefully laden down boundaries of self-control, all my endurance, diminished.Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback.

Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Fanfiction for readers who love the Twilight books and movies! She didn't expect, however, Felix went on a mission with Demetri. Then he met Henrietta "Harry" Potter, and everything is too complicated and he's falling for a human. He'd never wanted to be a human male until then.

Relive Edward's and Bella's tale through the saddest amber colored eyes. Every summer vacation, Edward was Bella's annual secret escape. At school, Bella can't hide from the whispers that she deserved what happened during "the incident". Her worlds collide. Monsters lurk in all corners of the world, and come in all shades. What happens when two very different monsters meet? In which Bella is Faoladh. Non-canon When a g Amarone Camin is an 18 year old Cinderella Girl who lived with her aunts and grandparents to support her studies leaving her parents at their province in Philippines.

After maintaining a high grade An inspiring 13 yr old girl becomes Carlisle's newest patient and quickly wins his affections. When her mother suddenly dies, Carlisle instantly steps in to care for her and makes her one of his own.

Twilight Fanfiction

But when even the Cullens or their son Edward cannot keep her safe, what will she do? BxE All human. Trouble is, it's darker in the Twilight. Could Edward Cullen be only mostly dead?

A "Book 5" of the Twilight Saga: We'd always heard they existed. Caius was terrified of them, bent on their extinction.This is my new account because I couldn't log onto my old one. I'll post the link to my old account on my profile if anybody wants to check it out.

I'm going to make minor tweaks on my story from when I first published it. I'll being updating more and I won't quit this time, give it a try. My name is Isabella Marie Swan, I'm 6 years old. Right now I'm going on a trip with my parents. Charlie and Renee Swan.

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We were such a happy family, until my parents started to argue and that day was today. They were arguing over where to go. I have gone down this road before, it's a dead end. Mommy and Daddy had been fighting like this for the past ten minutes. Then it all happened. It was all too fast.

My parents were arguing, and then my daddy lost control of the car and next thing I knew we crashed into a tree. I looked up from my car seat, I saw Charlie died, but my mommy had a few seconds left.

She turned her face slightly towards me and reached her hand out to touch my cheek and say "Bella,"—pant—"we love you. I touched my mothers hand and said "I love you too mommy. I started to panic, "Mommy? Tears started to make their way down my cheeks. I stood up kissed my mother and fathers head and got out of the car. I now knew I was alone in the world.

I saw my parents had crashed near a forest. I walked into the forest and sat down, pulling my knees to my chest to sob. I recognized the forest; it was the one we were hunting in. I was hunting with Rosalie and Jasper. I ran towards Rose and grabbed her hand pulling her with me. I ignored her. When I saw we were closer to where the little girl was, I let go of Rosalie and ran towards the spot. I finally saw her; she had chocolate brown hair and pale skin. She had her knees up to her chest crying.

I walked up to her and picked her up.

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