Superior Court last week — but not for long. County Sheriff's Department, the U. Marshals Service, the L. County Probation Department, California parole officials and the Department of Children and Family Services because at least two shooting suspects were minors, and four children needed to be taken into custody.

Holy mother of raids. When all was said and done, 13 gang members had been cuffed — 11 of them for felony charges. Long Beach police suspect the Longos have been involved in at least six shootings over the last few months, including an incident two weeks ago in which two officers were targeted, and one hit, by underage-gangster gunfire. According to the Long Beach Postthere were also several weapons — a rifle, ammunition and a handful o' handguns — seized in the wee-hour crackdown.

The goods:. Of course, the East Side Longos form arguably the largest and most violent Latino gang in Long Beach — mainly patrolling one central strip.

So 13 members up for trial, in the end, is not a huge hit to operations.

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But combined with the May Longo raidwhich included the arrest of the gang's alleged leader, it appears the LBPD and their cohorts may be slowly cracking the ice for a big East Coast-style mafia bust, of sorts.

We can't wait to hear their nicknames. Because we were curious — and who wouldn't be? Crazy shit. Now we share with you a painful turf rap from one budding member, just for the heck of it:. Until then, you'll have to trust Wikipedia. Or Urban Dictionaryif you've got the stomach for comment-forum gang wars conducted by some of the West Coast's most X-treme potty mouths.

Don't say we didn't warn you. Update: A spokesman for the LBPD's gang intelligence unit, under Sergeant Phil Cloughesy, tells us that the Longos are indeed the city's largest, and one of its most violent, street gangs. If you're looking to join 'em or avoid 'emhere are their target areas, according to the official public-record gang injunction:.

The spokesman says that, in addition to homicide, many Longo members have also been charged with drug dealing in the past. Long Beach Police Gang Enforcement detectives have been investigating a series of shootings that occurred since December During the course of these investigations, detectives developed information that the shootings were related by suspects or by the weapons involved in the crimes.

They soon focused the investigation on the East Side Longos gang, one of the oldest Hispanic gangs in Long Beach who claim territory in a particular area of central Long Beach.Tell her to come see me…I got a beat down waiting for her. To even think that chickes like you computer banging lames reside in my city is embarrblanking.

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You know where we be at…! So what exactly is west side longo gang situated. Where is most activity? Looking at buying a house on Easy Street and 21st. Is this a bad area? Anywhere from 23rd and higher is good. Wouldnt recomend 21st. They mostly stay at around 19, harbor, summit and canal. There was a softball game almost but some dumbblank hit a line drive into a rucas face! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

Aubrey Berry People of CA v. Johannes Mehserle People of CA v. Jonathan Fajardo People of CA v. Pedro Espinoza People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of FL v. George Zimmerman People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of CA v. Alonso Obituary for Vincent A. Sanders,RIP L. S Magazine, Issue 13 — T.The Longos X13 are considered the biggest gang in Long Beach, which allow them to take on several enemies at once. The Varrio Longo 13 originated during the s, as a single unit. However, by the s, members broke off forming two subgroups known as the Eastside and Westside Longos, due to internal fighting.

The Varrio Longos harsh treatment towards different ethnic groups are the primary reason for the formation of Asian, Samoan and Cambodian street gangs such as the Tiny Rascals and the Asian Boyz. The Varrio Longos are perhaps the most hated criminal street gangs in the city, due to the fact that they have killed members from every major street gang in Long Beach. However, after the injunction police noticed an increase in gang-related crimes.

InThe Westside Longos were the first gang in long beach, to be placed on a gang injunction.

Greenacres man who dismembered dead roommate gets life sentence after murder conviction

They were the district attorney and Long Beach Police Department top priority, due to the gang terrorizing rivals and local residents in the Westside community. Ina second gang injunction was launched against the West Side Longos as a whole. This put them in direct conflict with street gangs in these neighboring cities such as the Dominguez Varrio 13, a Latino street gang based in Carson. Allies And Rivals. Fuck all long bitch that includes all u fucking asians all u blacks all u chongos this aint race related nor is it gang related its city related tired of u Long beachK niggas thinking u about that life smh fuck the whole city remember who started this gangster shit and put yall on the map COMPTON the hub city runs the show at the end of the day fuck lbc.

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I dare you.Scott Tobiassen admitted killing his friend and sawing the dead man into pieces, but his lawyer argued Monday he's not a "monster" who deserved to be convicted of first-degree murder.

The "devil" told Tobiassen to dismember Gerald Longo on Aug. A Palm Beach County jury instead agreed Tobiassen, 51, intended for his year-old roommate and landlord to die in their Greenacres townhome.

The first-degree murder verdict for the prosecution came after about two hours of deliberations. The manslaughter charge sought by the defense carried a maximum punishment of 30 years in prison. Longo's close relatives declined an opportunity to speak to the judge, and several of Tobiassen's family members left the courtroom weeping and hugging after Miller imposed the automatic life sentence.

Parsons told reporters he had no comment on whether the defense planned an appeal. Before the trial, he fought unsuccessfully to keep Tobiassen's confession away from the jurors' ears. Assistant State Attorney Reid Scott said he and fellow prosecutor John Parnofiello were pleased the jury "saw it our way" after presenting the evidence and law in the case.

The prosecutors never made a plea offer to the defense, mainly because the victim's family wanted a trial, Scott said. The defense began the three-day trial by telling the jury Tobiassen is entirely responsible for Longo's death, but insisted the killing was not premeditated or planned.

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Parsons said a fight over money suddenly became violent inside the townhouse in the block of Seven Springs Boulevard. But the prosecutors told the jury Tobiassen intentionally took aim at Longo's head with a metal pipe and connected several times, cracking the skull.

In his rage, Tobiassen then stabbed his victim repeatedly to finish him off, they argued. During the trial, the jurors heard Tobiassen's confession to an officer made inside the Greenacres police station hours after the killing. Tobiassen then said he was a crane operator who lost his job a week earlier. Tobiassen claimed he asked Longo to help cover his rent temporarily, but Longo refused and "threw his skateboard" at him. Tobiassen said he then "lost it" and "hit him over the head with a metal pipe and killed him," according to his recorded statement.

After Tobiassen showed Longo's bludgeoned body that night to a friend he brought to the townhouse, the friend left and he hurried to clean up the crime scene, the prosecutors said.

He cut off Longo's head, arms, torso, and legs — butchering Longo "like an animal in his own bathroom" — and then put the body parts into plastic bags and containers, Parnofiello and Scott said. At p. Tobiassen had begun removing the remains and loading them in a pickup truck when the cops began arriving nine minutes later, the prosecutors said. Both the judge and the attorneys made efforts to keep the "gore" out of the trial, so the jurors could examine the evidence without getting emotional or uncomfortable.

Only "sanitized" photos of the victim were allowed, Miller said. The jury also saw photos of the shower where Tobiassen dismembered Longo and drained his blood, and prosecutor Scott plugged in and turned on Tobiassen's power saw for a few seconds to demonstrate that it works.Funny him ragging on border hoppers, when all they do is hop on this chorizo at mblankage parlors.

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west side longo murders

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Corkie and Judy are my aunts. I told them you were asking about them and they said they remember you. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Aubrey Berry People of CA v. Johannes Mehserle People of CA v. Jonathan Fajardo People of CA v. Pedro Espinoza People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of FL v. George Zimmerman People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of CA v.

Alonso Obituary for Vincent A. Sanders,RIP L. S Magazine, Issue 13 — T. Rodgers Black P Stones founder F. S Magazine, Issue 28 F.

Longos, West Side

S Magazine, Issue 30 Will. Street Life Vol. April 8, - am. September 19, - pm. September 28, - am. August 8, - am. September 25, - pm. October 2, - am. January 31, - am.

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west side longo murders

Mail will not be published required. Aubrey Berry People of CA v. Johannes Mehserle People of CA v. Jonathan Fajardo People of CA v. Pedro Espinoza People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of FL v. George Zimmerman People of CA v. Stephanie Lazarus People of CA v. Alonso Obituary for Vincent A.

Sanders,RIP L. S Magazine, Issue 13 — T.

west side longo murders

Rodgers Black P Stones founder F. S Magazine, Issue 28 F. S Magazine, Issue 30 Will. Street Life Vol.Is truth indeed stranger than fiction? Maybe so in the case of the new movie True Storybased on the real case of Christian Longoaccused murderer of his wife and three children, and Michael Finkel, the disgraced journalist whose identity Longo briefly assumed. Though Finkel writes at the outset that he feels the need to emphasize the truthfulness of what he reports, truth can of course be a slippery concept.

Better to stick with the facts. Though he had moved into a coveted writing position with the New York Times Magazine by his early 30s, the journalist got himself in a fix with a story about child laborers in Mali. Investigating reports of slavery on cocoa plantations in the West African nation, Finkel found the reality to be far more complex. The story was published, inconsistencies were spotted, and Finkel was exposed, publicly excoriated, and fired. A door closes, and a window opens.

Licking his wounds at his Montana home in earlyFinkel got a phone call from another journalist asking about a case thus far unfamiliar to him. Just before Christmasthe bodies of two children had been discovered in a coastal Oregon pond; their ankles had been tethered to pillowcases weighted with rocks.

Several days later, his wife MaryJane Longo and two-year-old daughter Madison were found in the nearby bay. Each had been strangled, packed in a suitcase, and thrown in the water. Finkel was intrigued enough to contact the now-incarcerated man.

Photo: Mary Cybulski. He agreed against the advice of his lawyers to allow Finkel to interview him, and the two men began a communication that encompassed weekly phone calls, voluminous letter writing, and a few prison meetings. They were each at a personal low point, although obviously Finkel hadn't killed anyone. But he does admit in True Story that "I'd lied many times: to bolster my credentials, to elicit sympathy, to make myself appear less ordinary.

After working various sales jobs, he started a Michigan business cleaning up new construction sites, but had trouble collecting on invoices. He was arrested, lost his company and his house, and was "disfellowshipped" by his church. He took his family on a probation-violating cross-country trek that ended in Oregon, and finally, it seemed, he killed them. Longo didn't confess, and didn't even initially plead not guilty — he stood "mute" to the indictment.

And though he was telling his life story in great detail to Finkel, he did not account for his actions surrounding the murders. Then he pled guilty to the murders of his wife and youngest child, and not guilty in the deaths of the two other children.

west side longo murders

On the stand during his trial, he contended that MaryJane, after discovering the extent of her husband's lies and criminality, had killed Zachery and Sadie, disposed of their bodies, and had also attempted to kill Madison.

The jury wasn't buying: it found Longo guilty, and sentenced him to death.

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