Create a word guessing game that asks a player to guess a random word. As we build the C console application, we'll discuss some fundamental programming concepts. If you haven't read it yet, you might want to start there! In the numeric guessing game we didn't create an instance of the Game class.

Our first step will be to change our code so we have a Game object.

Word Guessing Game: C# Console Application

With examples of each you can compare the two approaches. The two versions are below.

word guessing game program

If you run them they will appear the same to the player; the only changes are internal. More About Static vs. For a small program like our word guessing game, there isn't a big impact using one approach or the other. In larger projects the difference can be substantial.

Word Game Using the new version of our numeric game as a base, we will convert it into a game where the player tries to guess a random word instead of number.

Our list of possible words will be stored in an array. We'll use the same random number code we used previously.

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Now, though, our random number will be used to select an element. The player will see the options and can enter their guess as to which word will match. Add an array to the Game class and initialize it with a few words. In the example the words are: cat, hat, and rat. Write out the word options and ask the player to guess one of them.

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As with the numeric game, you can make this a simple instruction "Choose a word:" or make it more fanciful "My crystal ball is showing something You could also add commas between each word as it is written out.

For this type of approach, you would want to know when you've reached the last element in the array. A for loop makes that easy:. To select a word from the array, we'll use the same random number as in our numeric game. The range can be dynamically determined from the length of the Words array.

The code to check whether the input is a number won't be needed now that we are matching words instead of integers.

We can also change our conditional statement.Note: You'll need to know about for loops and if statements for this guessing game, so you'll need to have read all but the last of the beginner tutorials or already know all of these concepts. In this guessing game, the computer will come up with a random number between 1 and The player must then continue to guess numbers until the player guesses the correct number.

For every guess, the computer will either say "Too high" or "Too low", and then ask for another input. At the end of the game, the number is revealed along with the number of guesses it took to get the correct number.

Ready to follow along to create this guessing game? All right. First, we're going to start by creating a new class, or Java file. Call your new program GuessingGame, keeping the capitalization the same. If you're using Eclipse and I strongly urge you to!

You should start out like this:. Ok, we need the computer to generate random numbers. Just add this code inside your main method so you have this:. Don't worry much about how Random works. All you need to know for this guessing game is that the variable numberToGuess holds the integer that the player has to guess.

Notice you'll get an error when you try to use Random. This is the same problem that Scanner has. All you have to do is right-click your work area, go to source, and select Organize Imports. This will take care of the problem for you.

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If you want to just import manually, type in import java. Random; at the very top of the page. Now, we need to stop and figure out exactly what we need our game to do and how we're going to accomplish this goal. It's best to do this planning BEFORE you beign coding, so let's start by listing what the guessing game needs to do, also known as the requirements of the program.

This is a small list, but it does say everything we need to do for our guessing game to work. We already took care of the first need, which was to create a random number. So, let's move on to the next requirement, keeping track of the number of guesses. To keep track of anything, you need a variable. In this case, since we're keeping track of guesses, a simple integer variable will do.We are going to create a program to play a word guessing game between two human players.

The "mastermind" will provide a "secret phrase" and the player will guess what it is using feedback received from previous guesses. We break this game down into three separate "stages" in a manner similar to the "pages" from the Jumping Monster assignment:.

As usual, feel free to customize your program's appearance as desired. String note the upper-case 'S' is a datatype that consists of many characters put together.

For example, the string "hi! An example string variable declaration and initialization is:. To read an individual character from a Stringwe use the following charAt notation. Note that this comes after a String variable name and a dot. This function should reset the game by setting variables to "default" values. Which variables do we need to change and to what values will you set them? Notice that this function is called at the end of setup. The condition has already been given to you and checks to make sure that the key pressed is one of the representable ASCII characters.

In this block of code, you should add the pressed key to the end of the variable guess. To test to make sure that it is working, you should add a statement in draw to display the current value of guess either on your drawing canvas or on the console. Now when you type, you should be able to see guess grow. Note: The first else if block handles the [Backspace] and [Del] keys for you, so that the user can delete characters when mistakes are made.

We suggest that you try to understand how it works. In Stage 0, the game should prompt the mastermind to enter the secret phrase. One possible way to do this is shown in the image to the right. Note: you should not use the variable message in Stage 0. As the mastermind types, the game should display the current value of guess on the drawing canvas so the mastermind can see what has been typed so far.

This should be similar to the testing portion of Step 2 above. What should happen once the mastermind presses [Enter]? In Stage 1, the game should prompt the player to guess the secret phase while displaying how many letters are in the phrase see example image to the right. As the player types, the game should display the current value of guess on the drawing canvas so the player can see what has been typed so far. What should happen once the player presses [Enter]? We only want to transition to Stage 2 if the guess was correct.From the creators of Pictoword comes Plexiword - the app with fun puzzle games that make you look at the arrangement of letters and try to guess Can you guess the right word before time runs out?

If youre a fan of word games, then youd love Five Letters. This word puzzle game will really get Wordy is a 5-letter word game where you have rush and make as many words as you can within the game timer.

C Practical and Assignment Programs-Guessing Game Program

Every time you match a word the timer In this Game you will have to Create a 4 letter word by selecting 1 letter from each If you're stuck, feel How many animal names will you puzzle out in our new addicting word search game 1 Word 6 Tries?

Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Games Educational Software. Apply Filters. Results for 4 letter word guessing game. Hangman Word Guessing Game. Publisher: Puzzles and Memory Games Downloads: TipOff Word Guessing Game.

Publisher: Happii LLC. Plexiword: Word Guessing Games.The Number guessing game is all about guessing the number randomly chosen by the computer in the given number of chances. In the program, while loop runs until the number guessed by the user is equal to the generated number or the number of attempts is less than the maximum number of chances.

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If the number of attempts becomes greater than the number of chances the game stops and the user loses the game. If the user guesses the correct number in the given number of chances then he or she will win.

After every guess made by the user, the program informs the user whether the guessed number was smaller, greater than the actual generated number. In this code, a random number is generated between using the randint function.

The user is given a specific number of chances to guess the number if the chances exceed the user guesses the user would lose. Note: In the above program, user can modify the value of randint function to increase the range of numbers in this game and also user can increase the number of chances by increasing the value of the chance variable. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute. See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

Please Improve this article if you find anything incorrect by clicking on the "Improve Article" button below. Writing code in comment? Please use ide. Function to be used: random. Explanation In the program, while loop runs until the number guessed by the user is equal to the generated number or the number of attempts is less than the maximum number of chances.

Number Guessing Game implementation. While loop to count the number. Enter a number between 1 to 9. Compare the user entered number. Check if the user entered. The user entered number is. Increase the value of chance by 1.

Hangman Solver!

Check whether the user. The number is"number. Check out this Author's contributed articles. Load Comments.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Code Review Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for peer programmer code reviews.

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word guessing game program

After doing a simple coding challenge regarding strings, I realized that I have forgotten a few things about them. As such, I decided to do a few basic string manipulation practices for myself.

word guessing game program

One of them, which I found in my old Java assignments, was a word guessing game. Very small, nothing special. As such, I decided to re-implement it. The game works as follows: You enter the "secret" word, and then you have 10 tries to guess it. In this, you handle two entirely different purposes. You change the existing string to display any occurrence of the character.

And on the first iteration, you fill in the string with dummy characters. This may be slightly more efficient on that first iteration, but it is less efficient on every other iteration.

Consider how this code looks without the! How much harder is it to do the initial fill? StackOverflow suggests something like. You use repeated calls to substring and string concatenation to build your replacement string. Behind the scenes, Java probably converts this into a StringBuilder. Why not embrace that and do it yourself? It also eliminates the need to test that the current index is equal to the guessed character.

CSE120 Sp17 Lab 13 - Word Guessing

This reverses the logic, searching for the guess in the string.Games are always fun, especially at parties. What can be more hilarious then a circle of friends decided to trick each other with a guessing game? There is a variety of them and everyone can choose something they like more.

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Well, it is still more fun to play it with friends. We offer you a great decision! Below, there is a list of the most exciting and funniest guessing game apps to make your pastime amusing and entertaining.

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The apps are available both for iPhone and Android devices for free. Kids Heads Up! This game has already become the most popular one in more than 30 countries! If you like the games that are not only fun and dynamic but which also test your brain then you for sure will love Pictoword. It is great for all ages — teens, adults, adolescents and anyone in between! The game test your skill to identify the word by combining two other words together.

What are you going to get? The great aspect of this app is that it can work both online and offline, so your party will never be left without a cool game.

Moreover, it is a nice game for parents and children to play together. The interface itself is simple to use, so people of various ages will handle that. Apensar is one of the most beloved brain games for guessing words. You can play with your friends in two ways — guessing words written on four pictures or spelling words using available letters.

Reach new levels, collect characters and beat your friends in a championship! There are more than levels and lots of funny characters to collect. The first levels are easy. At some point, the game introduces real challenges to your brain. You can connect your Facebook account to this app to share your achievements with friends and followers.

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